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Situation C

A winner would choose the tight-passive $10–$20 game. You can beat it even without catching cards. With a severely depleted bankroll, you must emphasize survival. You don’t like the fact that you can’t win much, but if you go broke, you can’t win anything. So build up your bankroll slowly.

In fact, with such a small bankroll, many winners would look for an even smaller game. You should have 300 big bets, and you have only 100 big bets for this $10–$20 game

The combination of a severe losing streak and a depleted bankroll can wipe out your confidence. Without confidence you can’t play decisive, aggressive poker. So you need a win—even a small one—to build back your confidence.

All the other games are too risky, both financially and psychologically.

· You have only fifty big bets for the typical $20–$40, which is much too little.

· You have almost sixty-seven big bets for the wild $15–$30 game (which is still too little), but wild games have huge swings. If you get a run of bad cards, you’re broke.

· You have the same number of big bets for the loose-passive $15–$30 game. It’s tempting because loose-passive games are so easy to beat. Unfortunately, they also have fairly large swings, and you need the best hand to win. If you don’t catch cards, you can go broke fairly quickly.

But what about your reputation? Everybody knows you’re a $20–$40 player. If they see you playing $10–$20, they’ll look down at you.

So what? Winners don’t care that much about what people think. They put the bottom line ahead of virtually everything. They know that—if they’re on the rail—they can’t win anything.

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